posted by Eugenia Loli on Sun 13th Jan 2002 17:34 UTC
IconA German-based organization, called YellowTAB, sent out a press release stating they will be releasing an updated version of BeOS 5 Pro, under the name "BeOS NG". The group was closely working with KochMedia (the German/UK publisher of BeOS) and Be, but when Be started talking to Palm about their take over, they stopped being so cooperative. The new BeOS version will include lots of software (software that can also be found at BeBits) and it will be based on a plain BeOS 5 Pro, plus some patches and a brand new Installer. Unfortunately, their version will not be based on BeOS 6, a version that OSNews learnt and confirmed, is extremely updated (more drivers, new Interface Kit/App_Server, double buffering etc). Frank Paul Silye, part of the YellowTab group, answers some of the questions we had regarding the product.

1. What exact version of BeOS, is it used for BeOS NG? (Is it the 'R6' version we found out about some days ago, or R5+ with BONE (new BSD-like networking stack) and hardware OpenGL in it?)

Frank Paul Silye: First of all, we will not distribute unlicensed software. We have lot of developers who have supported us and we also have a permission from Be since May 2001 to resell a special PE Version. We have a deal with a distributor to resell x thousands of 5.0.3Pro with our distribution.

We have made a lot of new things, as you can see from the screenshots. The Installer, but there also new drivers and new applications.

We're working on an improved Tracker with a new design and with lots of other new features. We also have a nice Multilanguage kit for it, with our own made library. The Installer is in 10 languages and the language you choose in the Installer will be what you'll see at your first boot up.

2. Will BONE (the new unreleased BeOS networking stack) and OpenGL be distributed with BeOS NG, or you still waiting to hear from Palm?

Frank Paul Silye: We have had talks with Palm, but at the moment their focus are on their own OS [ed: a new PalmOS for handhelds/PDAs that will feature elements of the Be technology]. Our last talk with Palm was about one week ago. At the moment we will not state what specific applications that will be in our distribution.

3. When the BeOS NG release is going to happen?

Frank Paul Silye: We need another month to finish the development of our distribution, and we will soon start the search for about 100 beta testers. We hope to be able to finish the test period in four weeks. Of course, we then need some time to do the needed bug fixes. But to answer your question, we hope to able to announce it in April, at the next BeGeistert.

4. What about a release based on R6 (also used to be called "EXP" and "BeIA development platform")? Is Palm open to negotiate such a release?

Frank Paul Silye: As mentioned above, they at the moment have their focus on their OS. We, at yellowTAB, don't think it would be right to state what plans Palm has with it's own intellectual property.

5. Are fixes for AthlonXP, Pentium4 included in the package?

Frank Paul Silye: Yes.

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