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X11, Window Managers The cooperation between the XGL and AIGLX projects to bring better interfaces for the Linux desktop continues as David Reveman (Novell) of XGL has agreed to adopt many changes from the AIGLX project sent in by Kristian Hogsberg (Red Hat).
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RE[2]: great
by iserlohn on Thu 2nd Mar 2006 21:13 UTC in reply to "RE: great"
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Compiz is an excellent WM in it's own right, and a lot of the code for compiz is from Metacity, just modularized. Having used compiz and looked through the source, it appears that compiz is cleaner and more powerful than metacity.

With compiz, you are able to dynamically load and unload shared moudles which governs the effects of the compositing manager. The settings that these modules uses are grabbed by a configuration backend, the one currently in use is gconf.

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