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Gentoo "It's been a while since I last reviewed Gentoo Linux because there haven't been too many significant changes in the past few releases. I've been using it as my primary desktop operating system for a year and a half, though, and I've been running my main Web/email/database server on it since October of 2004. There's a reason why I've stayed with it that long, both as a desktop and server OS - and there's also a reason why I'm writing a review of the 2006.0 release after a long hiatus from Gentoo reviews." More here.
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RE[2]: Get a better name first
by sapere aude on Tue 7th Mar 2006 14:47 UTC in reply to "RE: Get a better name first"
sapere aude
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All clueless people responding to one question. The Gentoo releases are half-yearly so 2006.0 is the first release of 2006 and 2006.1 will be the scond.

Gentoo has been that way since the 1.3 release. Therefore we have 2004.0 , 2004.1 , 2005.0 , 2005.1 and 2006.0 releases.

July 26th: 2004.2 is publically released
November 15th: 2004.3 is publically released

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