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Novell and Ximian "SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is an all-in-one solution that contains technology innovations and usability breakthroughs including integrated desktop search, accelerated graphical interfaces and numerous application improvements. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop delivers market-leading usability plus an exceptional end user experience with an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn environment. Seamless interoperability and support for standards allows SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop to readily coexists with Windows, Mac, Unix and other operating systems." The preview page has some screenshots and a screencast. My take: And there was much rejoicing. I'm seriously looking forward to this release.
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sorry but there are no NEW "bits"
by stephanem on Thu 9th Mar 2006 18:02 UTC
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All the stuff on Novell's desktop are projects started long ago. There are NO new earth shattering projects in Linux.

sorry Novell, you're just a repackager of open source bits like Redhat and everybody else. there isn't one feature I cannot get from adding the bits to CentOS or Fedora.

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thecwin Member since:

Well their work on Xgl and Compiz is pretty good... and I've not seen that start menu like thing anywhere else (admittedly I don't think it's that great..)

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mike hess Member since:

Actually, most of the "projects started long ago" are led by Novell employees. David Reveman (Xgl), Nat Friedman (Beagle, Hula), Miguel de Icaza (Mono), F-spot...

Many of these projects were started before Novell hired the developers, but they still deserve credit for funding the projects and keeping them GPL.

there isn't one feature I cannot get from adding the bits to CentOS or Fedora

Would you prefer Novell closed the source code? I would not.

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DittoBox Member since:

You make great points but I'm a little confused by your saying that they're great for "Keeping them [novell's projects] GPL." What do you mean? I was under the impression that once something is GPL licensed it can never be placed under any other license again.

If you could simply "close the source" (that is change the license mid stream) on something we'd call it BSD. GPL != BSD, and that's why the GPL exists.

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong...

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sappyvcv Member since:

That's not the point.

The point is that it's all packaged together nicely without having to add anything yourself.

The end product is better.

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Thom_Holwerda Member since:

This is more than just the sum of its parts. And the fact that Novell can ship it ahead of Vista is a major plus. I'm willing to shell out for this product, provided it comes with and sets up the 'non-free' stuff I normally setup manually.

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ronaldst Member since:

They just rearranged the GNOME menu and added the open sauce .Net apps Miguel and the gang were working on.

I liked the mockups better. I'll pass.

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cendrizzi Member since:

Sorry but you are not the person this is going after. Did you read "Enterprise". This is for workplaces. You know, those places that need a nice packaged product with support? I don't know many administrators that have time to tinker each person's Centos to offer what this does (of course there's also that matter of, YOU CAN'T, since this offers many integrations and changes that won't be possible on those distros unless you love compiling)

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segedunum Member since:

Sorry but you are not the person this is going after. Did you read "Enterprise".

Have you also read the countless comments and bits of info lying around where it has been pointed out consistently that there is no such market for enterprise desktop Linux? It doesn't exist.

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