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Apple Dan Kusnetzky, Apple program vice president, spoke to PC Pro News at IDC and said that Apple has no plans to support booting into Vista on the new Intel Macs. However, a Microsoft spokesman said that Microsoft would have no problem granting a Windows licence to Apple, in exactly the same way it currently provides licences to Dell and HP: "Microsoft would support Apple the same way it supports every other PC manufacturer." But Dan Kusnetzky said it would be difficult to know who would support that machine if Windows was running on a Mac. However, "no doubt someone will work out how to run Windows on the Mac, even if Apple doesn't technically support that."
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by alcibiades on Mon 13th Mar 2006 16:17 UTC in reply to "LOL!"
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Apple is sitting on the OS everybody wants to run....

We used to think this, and maybe at one time it was true, but the evidence is that they would sell a lot more Macs if they would run Windows. Not to Mac devotees, but to the rest of the market. And in a way the Mac devotees don't matter. They are not going to stop buying Macs with OSX on them, just because other people buy them with XP on them.

Apple's real asset at this point in computing is that its a designer hardware brand. The only way to exploit this is to sell the software people want on it.

Not that there is any danger of Apple going down this path. There has been no radical connected thought about the computer business model in Cupertino since 1985, and there is no sign of any starting now.

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