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KDE Better late than never: "With more than 1500 improvements since the first beta release of the 1.5 series, the KOffice developers invite the user community for the final round of testing of KOffice 1.5 before the first release candidate. Read the full announcement, the changelog, download the release, and give it some real world testing for us!"
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RE[6]: Awesome
by Soulbender on Wed 15th Mar 2006 12:11 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Awesome"
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"Then you have not lived and your not a graphic artist are you? "

I fail to see how considering KOffice being good and fast relates to being a graphic artist.
Thanks for asking, but I have lived quite a bit.

"vague?, Better office app all round means it's better in every sence, what does Koffice offer?. Trying to save as PDF in Kword is very bad, why the hell is it in the print dialog? "

Now we're getting somewhere, well, at least a little.
I havent tried to save as PDF but yeah, using the print dialog for that doesnt seem all that logical.
Looking at the other way, what does OO.2 have that KOffice doesnt (and isnt some feature that only 1% of the users know and use).

"OO.2 has intergration in both KDE/GNOME and Windows with the proper file dialog,"

I'm sure that's nice but I really dont care if it works in Windows. Most people dont use multiple platforms anyway. I am of the opinion that cross-platform consistency is a misguided goal.

"Koffice is just KDE UI."

Uh? I'm pretty sure that it does a lot more than just draw widgets on screen.

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RE[7]: Awesome
by superstoned on Wed 15th Mar 2006 21:47 in reply to "RE[6]: Awesome"
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a good point of Koffice is its ease of use. compare OO.o writer's menu's for example with Kword's. and several things are done very nicely in kword. ok, some other things aren't there. but most stuff is, and the rest will be coming. of course OO.o will get more usable and faster, over time. but looking at the speed of development, i think Koffice will be as powerfull as OO.o before OO.o will be as fast and usable as Koffice.

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