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Amiga & AROS Hyperion, the company behind AmigaOS 4.0, has found at least one way to generate revenue from AmigaOS 4.0. "Hyperion Entertainment VOF announces that it has licensed its 3D driver technology for ATI Radeon 9000 chipsets to Smiths Aerospace LLC. Hyperion's 3D driver technology is OpenGL ES compatible and was originally developed for Amiga OS 4, Hyperion's multi-media centric, small foot-print embedded OS."
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@ transami,

Yes, PS3 could be a valuable platform on which to port Amiga OS4.0.

(If it is true that its structure is really open to any OS)

More: Cell CPU on Playstation 3 are direct heirs of PowerPC processors, and with a little effort AmigaOS could be ported on these new machines.

More: PS3 are cheap compared to AmigaONE motherboards.

Well, to be honest we must report the fact that it is also true that competitors of AmigaONE (Pegasos motherboards) are priced almost the same as a MiniMac PPC (AmigaONE motherboard is almost 769 Euro. Pegasos is 499 Euro).
So in PPC environment, competitors of AmigaONE are cheaper
But this is a false comparison because now all Macs are Intel core duo, so any further comparison is impossible.
Actually we could only compare Pegasos to AmigaONE, but sure PS3 and XBox 360 based on cell CPU are ABSOLUTELY more cheaper, and share MORE AND MORE horsepower when numbercrunching.

Also, to be honest, we must report the fact that PPC CPUs are still being produced, and their price is reducing, G5 MPC970 is now more affordable, and 7448 CPU, 8641 CPU are on the way.
So in the future we coul have other Amiga-like platforms baed on PPC which will be cheaper than these of today, but we must deal with actual situation. Regarding the future then we will see.

@ Transami and KenJackson

Then we must report also that, if you want to run a new OS simple and powerful as AmigaOS, there is a simple software solution for PPC and X86 based platforms, that is very very promising.

Its name is AROS.

It is an OS alternative to any other OS. It is still in beta, but it is growing faster.

It is avaliable in three different versions:

1) For PPC (Pegasos) as a live CD.

2) Hosted into Linux for X86 platforms.

3) As standalone OS for any X86 machine, in both versions:

3A) As Live CD

3B) Full standalone.

It could be in the near future a valuable alternative OS, because it share the same ease of use, and same lightweight as original AmigaOS which is an OS that:

A) Keeps intact your privacy (while Windows is constantly spying the user thru Windows Mediaplayer and other software hidden into the OS),

B) It is easy to use and undestand in its deep (while Linux requires a degree in information technology),

C) It is completely at your command (while MacOS deals with the user as a complete idiot, who is considered a person to keep away from the hidden structure of the FreeBSD OS underneath the Aqua/Darwin GUI).

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Yes, I've had my eye on AROS for some time. I tried to install it a while back with no success, but I realize it's under development. I wish them good success and am looking forward to what they come up with.

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