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Amiga & AROS It was a nice departure last week, to write about not so serious matters, in order to make fun of everything and everyone (including myself). Today, however, it's back to more serious matters (if you can call computer matters 'serious', of course): Amiga OS4. Or how it will fail utterly if Hyperion/Amiga Inc. don't get their heads out of the sand. Note: Sunday Eve Column.
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Is that really you Alan/Eyetech or just someone trolling. If so are you saying that Hyperion are in some way responsible for there being no more AmigaOne's

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Sorry but i can not say anything about the license due to solicitors instructions but please do not think of us badly. We only tried to help our favorite computer platform and feel bad that we failed our customers.

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I would say that Eyetech didn't fail its customers, if it is really to close then it may have failed as a company but it helped bring OS4 to the world and without it there would almost certainly not be an OS4 as we know it today and probably no OS4 at all. It will be sad to see a company as old as Eyetech, one of the last from the Amiga scene, close

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