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Mac OS X "NeoOffice is important not only because it brings a decent OOo port to the Mac platform, but also because it is arguably the only complete, non-Microsoft office suite for Mac OSX. Apple has all but abandoned AppleWorks which has mostly been replaced with iWork, except that iWork has no spreadsheet component and the word processing component is more of a page layout tool than a word processor. That's right, the platform that encourages users to 'Think Different' is pretty much down to a single office suite." Read the entire review.
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RE: Apple under the thumb of Ms?
by trezzer on Sun 9th Apr 2006 00:44 UTC in reply to "Apple under the thumb of Ms?"
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It's not exactly as if MS Office / NeoOffice / / iWork are the only choices on the platform.

The office suite Papyrus also exists on OS X. At least five spreadsheet apps showed up when I did a quick search on versiontracker - some also did relational database stuff. When it comes to database selections you have several to go by.

If all you need is word processing you're absolutely spoilt for choice on OS X though. I counted at least 15 different word processors geared towards different uses (script writers, creative writing, office work etc) besides the ones already mentioned. These are all *native* ports or originals mind you.

Besides that you obviously also have all the applications that you can run under X11 - effectively everything the open source world has to offer.

Is there a lack of Mac OS X applications in this area? Hardly.
A lack of office suites? Perhaps. If three aren't enough for you (and if you really need more spreadsheet capabilities than Pages 2 has).

Would most people be happy with alternatives? Most likely. There's certainly something for everyone.

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Well, You are right in all that you said about the applications for Mac OS X, When you answered my post.

But I was talking about Office suites, not applications, in my first post. Why? Simply because what "really works" and is actually needed is a "whole office suite of quality", and that in the Mac world, was reduced to "Ms Office". Even if "Papyrus" is good in some things is not the same as Ms Office.

OOo on the contrary has become/is becoming an "International-whole stuff-average user-Business ready-Quality" office suite...

Also, is have to be pointed out that the average user do not know most of the applications that you mentioned. Neither he knows about the Linux or BSD ports or "Fink" for the MacOS X...
For 'wordprocessing' You have also now "Abiword" too, which is already a good wordprocessor, but still is not comparable to "Word" or "OOoWriter"

Many of the readers posting here forget that they have knowledge in computers far beyond the average user, and that normal users, even at work in the business office, do not know if a certain program exits, or how to manage to find a solution he/she needs to make a certain tasks...

What is needed to become a mayor player, is, as I said, a "whole office suite of quality", that business, and normal users, both, can use and have as a reference. Specially, if we talk of an international context and not only the USA. And that, was/is only "Ms Office" for the Mac World.

Apple knew that, and did not like when Microsoft or other software makers showed little interest or delays in having Mac Os versions of their "key" software.

"NeoOffice" and "" are undoubtly becoming two "world class-whole office suites of quality", and this will make a difference in relation to all the other existent appplications...

So, your sentence "Would most people be happy with alternatives? Most likely. There's certainly something for everyone." is correct. But the problem is that most of the potential users of those "alternative applications" simmply do not know them, or if ever heard about, do not know for what tasks could they use them.

There is an obvious "niche" here that is already being taken.
"NeoOffice" and "", being more complete,with quality, and being "free-gratis-Libre", are the applications that the future MacOS X user will likely be using.

Dark clouds for Ms Office are comming...


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