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Linux An ex-Microsoft employee is arguing that Linux is ready for the primetime and that only thing keeping it away is the number of bugs it has. He claims that if these few high-importance bugs are fixed one way or another, Linux can become a dominant power in the desktop OS world.
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RE: Blow by Blow
by amadensor on Mon 10th Apr 2006 12:52 UTC in reply to "Blow by Blow"
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Sorry, Vorbis is actually much BETTER quality. If your brother in law was having quality issues, it is likely because he was using fixed bitrate encoding. If you use VBR and just set a quality level, at the same filesize, the Vorbis audio is much better.

I worked for years as a professional live and recording audio engineer. I have studio mixdown monitors for computer speakers, and a recording studio in my basement.

I am not doubting that he had quality issues, I just think that it was due to settings used, and not the codec itself.

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RE[2]: Blow by Blow
by JacobMunoz on Tue 11th Apr 2006 14:58 in reply to "RE: Blow by Blow"
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I concur, Ogg is quite superior to all of the other formats I've worked with - mp3, ape, wma, au, and ra.

None of them seem to have the compression ratio and playback quality of ogg, although it is an odd creature in the audio world regarding the variable bitrate - it still rocks! And it's better than most formats simply because it is not controlled by a commercial entitiy, so you don't face all of the encryption garbage imposed by the RIAA like the others.

I use BeOS (vorbisencoder) to encode all of my CDs into Oggs immediately after I buy new discs. I get mp3-sized files that play on all platforms and sound clean as can be. (and I only use quality level 6.5)

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