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OSNews, Generic OSes There are so many ways to boot alternative OSes to common PCs these days. What's your prefered way? Read for a quick introduction to the most common methods and then let us know about your prefered way of booting alternative OSes to your PC by taking the poll.
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RE: Dual Boot: Slow boot time
by monkeyhead on Tue 11th Apr 2006 04:40 UTC in reply to "Dual Boot: Slow boot time"
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The XP laptop I use for work usually kicks my personal Linux box's ass at booting to a usable desktop. My wife's XP box beats my linux box to the desktop, but isn't usable for a good 40-50 secs. after the desktop show up while it loads up every peice of shit waste of space taskbar-ware in the world. So it's hardly usuable till till long after my box is up and going. All three are pretty equal in hardware specs. Just wanted to point out that there's a lot of configuration variables that you are overlooking.

Oh and for the poll, I boot gentoo (single OS) using lilo. I've got an extra hard drive, but no time to test other OS's out on it.

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About XP - yes, it loads my antivirus and some bt aplications... and thats it, so its usable after 8-12 sec after i hit enter, with all themes and other useless stuff disabled...

About Gentoo - it uses init-ng with minimum services enabled, and my gnome desktop is usable after 6-10 sec, after i hit enter @ gdm.

so if you like, add those seconds to my boot time,
as i said, boot time is no issue to me.

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