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OSNews, Generic OSes There are so many ways to boot alternative OSes to common PCs these days. What's your prefered way? Read for a quick introduction to the most common methods and then let us know about your prefered way of booting alternative OSes to your PC by taking the poll.
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Virtualization is the most feature rich way. Dual booting is not just about boot time, but also about having to stop and close everything and do a shutdown, which I almost never do (I always suspend or hibernate).

"I have Windows and Linux partitions on my laptop, and dual-boot them, but I have also been known to crank up my native Windows partition in VMware on Linux."

I've been dreaming of something like this, never tried it though, because my hardware wasn't that good. I also thought that it is not possible to run the same windows installation on two machines (the real one and the virtual one). Do you have a trick to make this possible? Or did you mean that you have two seperate windwos installations, one virtual and one you dual boot into?

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I use the same Windows partition, with two different hardware profiles, for both. VMware calls this a "raw disk". Not as handy for moving your Windows installation around, but I don't have to keep 2 copies of Windows and accessories this way.

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