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Xfce The Xfce project has released the first beta in the 4.4 release cycle. "Xfce 4.4 beta1 ( is now available for download. Xfce 4.4 features new tools such as the much anticipated 'Thunar' file manager as well as several huge improvements of its core components."
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Some people were asking why "Xfce" is not more popular and is not the default Desktop environment of more distros...

Well, considering how good is it already and the pace of development, it will be much more popular in the near future. That is sure!

In between, apart from Zenwalk Linux and Wolvix, that are more or less well known, I know a couple of Distros, at least, that use "Xfce" as default Desktop: Kwort Linux, Dreamlinux, SAM Linux, and Kate OS 2.1...

None of them is updted to Xfce 4.4-beta 1 yet, of course, but It won't be too difficult to do, if you want to. Anyway, they are updated quickly to the latest XFCE versions in their releases generally.

I have tried them and they are already very useful, stable, snappy, and very nice looking:

- Kwort Linux ( )

- Dreamlinux ( )

- SAM Linux ( )

- Wolvix 1.0.4 GE ( )

- Zenwalk Linux 2.4 ( )

- Kate OS 2.1 ( )

I have 2 of them installed in 2 machines in my network.Give them a try. I can assure you that they are worthy to...


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