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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "The Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Edubuntu teams are proud to present a second Beta release of Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Edubuntu 6.06 LTS, codenamed "Dapper Drake". This release corrects some serious flaws in the installer present on the Desktop CD in the first Beta release. Although the text-mode install CD also forms part of this release, it has not been modified since Beta 1. An updated Xubuntu release is also in preparation and will be announced shortly." Hey look, a screenshot tour.
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RE: hey T-bone lickers....
by netpython on Fri 28th Apr 2006 18:48 UTC in reply to "hey T-bone lickers...."
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Anyway very soon ubuntu hype will die just like knoppix, linspire, xandros, fedora, mandrake etc etc..

Mandriva you meant?

Tell me one program/software ubuntu does what XP can't do

After a fresh install XP is quite a lame bird sitting on a tree branch waiting for a nervous breakdown.

Listening to shoutcast servers(and ripping them).apt:Adding (third party) repositories.

But you didn't mean the default install :-)
Well, to get XP on par with for example Ubuntu (quality apps and stuff) you could easily buy a second PC.The bundled apps are most of the time irrelevant or are aging rapidly.

Ubuntu is far more easier to manage.Doesn't need nearly as much maintenance as XP (spyware,defragmenting,broken registry entries,).

Oh i have found some apps,

Tvtime,KDETV,MythTV,KRADIO,Apache,Mysql,K3B,emacs,bash,tcsh,vi.I'm afraid the list is endless.

I bought an pvr350 haupagge tv card recently.
Man the software that came with the card sucked.
Great example of bad memory management.When i let the app seek for channels the screen exept the tv-app froze and that on a AMD64 3000 (2200) and 1 GB DDR 400 and ( hardware) SATA raid0.

Not with tvtime,it's suitable for multitasking,i can burn,download,surf the web,scan for tv channels and rip some choutcast channels all at the same time.

Eh,MythTV can withstand any comparison with XP media edition execpt it's free.

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