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Apple OfB is reporting that, contrary to widely-published and discussed rumors, Apple is not including the controversial Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip in its Intel-based Macs. An anonymous registered Apple developer claims that the Apple x86 test boxes do not have DRM or TCPA components. Developers are forbidden from discussing the units by the nondisclosure agreements they've signed with Apple. so they've been unable to counter the rumors.
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Don't you have an ego problem ?

Nope, just fighting fire with fire.

Perceived elitism from Mac users? Ahem, crappy beige box????

Why should I put up with being painted as a thirdworld computeruser using a frankenstein, scrapware computer? (Because that is what it comes down to, before a wise-ass spells out that nobody said that).

You irk me, I irk you. Me "boasting my computer skills in front of those lazy, ignorant, pretentious Mac users" is what get's you all riled up. (You see, I am my own manufacturer and I select and test my own exclusive machines).

When the war will finally have worn us both out, maybe we can get to a truce in which we agree to see computers from Apple, HP, Dell, Whitebox-around-the-corner as equally able platforms to do our computing on.

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Wow now we have PC users manufacturing their own chips. Do you also build your own stereo systems, MP3 players, toasters, microwave ovens, TVs, automobiles, bikes, clothes, detergents...?

Hats off to you. Now only if you could become God and make the universe.

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Are you sure you're fighting fire with fire, and not a complex of inferiority by developping a complex of superiority ?

I happen to use a Mac now because it suits me (after years with PCs, Linux, FreeBSD, BeOS and occasionally Windows, sometimes building my boxes), have no idea of what I'll use tomorrow (I may find something that will suit me better), and what others use isn't a problem.

I'm not at war with anybody.

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I don't agree with Ahem, crappy beige box????
For years I've been hearing that Mac users pay ridiculous amounts of money for the same thing when home-brew guys build their machines from the spare parts of old aircraft engines, all at such marginal costs that it puts a North-Korean manure farmer to shame.
I'm still hearing it. Have you seen the pictures of a guy trying to put a complete PC into a Mac Mini casing?
It can't be cheap enough. Money spent is too much.
A buddy of mine bolted his parts into a beige case too [fried his motherboard, the dumbass] and let's face it, they're not exactly the most sexy things on the face of the planet, are they? Seriously.
I'm not being elitist when I say that my machine looks better, anymore than when the owner of a BMW claims his car looks better than a 1950s Trabant [ever heard of those?]. It just is, it's designed to look better.
Of course I'm more concerned with what's IN the machine, and I -can- work with the hardware as well as with the software. But on top of that the thing also looks great. Can I say at least that much?
I didn't make the point of el cheapo gizmo, the PC guys did. They make it a point of not spending money on their computer.
You get what you pay for. A really nice looking PC[and I never said they don't exist] is also going to cost more than the standard beige box. I think Dell makes absolutely craptastic machines [the low end brings tears to my eyes], but I have seen case mods that are REALLY cool [but that is also spending money to get a nicer machine and it's not free either].

Like you're saying, and I have not said anything else, you do what you want to do. I don't think myself elitist. I'm just running apps on my computer. Like you, I have a clue about what I'm doing. I'm only doing it on a Mac.

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Using a BMW analogy for your computer purchase decisions: -1000 points, full stop.

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