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Opera Software eWeek reviews Opera 9, and is full of praise: "It's a good bet that if you want to see the features that other Web browsers will be adding in a year or two, you should download Opera 9, which was released on June 20. The free Opera 9 is available in Windows, Linux, Solaris, BSD and Mac OS X versions. In our tests, we found Opera 9 to be one of the best Web browsing tools we've used in a long time, which is why we are giving Opera 9 an eWEEK Labs Analyst's Choice award." They have a set of screenshots as well.
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RE[2]: Sounds about right
by l3v1 on Fri 23rd Jun 2006 08:52 UTC in reply to "RE: Sounds about right"
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What opera needs, is more press.
I think that is the reason for firefox's success, otherwise it would have been just another good browser.

Interesting. Mozilla and now Firefox were free, Opera was not, until recently. One was a group and a foundation, the other was a company. One has just recently started marketing, the other has been doing it for years. And now you say Firefox is more popular than Opera because of the marketing ? I call BS. First people say FOSS needs better marketing, then if it has, they start saying oh it's only popular because of the marketing. Bah, get lost.

I don't have anything against Opera, I like it and I use it for many years now, although mostly just for testing this'n'that. It's a decent browser, with many features, and it's free. In some ways it's better than Firefox. Ok, so what ? We should just be happy that we have at least two really good free browsers (although I still prefer Konqueror for most of the things). Leave that oh-it's-the-marketing sh*t for the bad guys.

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RE[3]: Sounds about right
by sappyvcv on Fri 23rd Jun 2006 12:26 in reply to "RE[2]: Sounds about right"
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Uh, actually Opera hasn't really done that much Marketing. Firefox had things like the full page NYT ad and viral marketing with things like

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