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Features, Office Users of Microsoft Office can now choose one of the Creative Commons licenses for work created in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Microsoft and Creative Commons, a nonprofit organization that offers flexible copyright licenses for creative works, partnered with 3sharp LLC to develop and test this new copyright licensing tool, known as the Creative Commons add-in for Microsoft Office.
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MS is the most noble company that has ever graced my keyboard. They are knights shining with glorious armor blinding all to reality while spoon feeding a custom fit rationalized version soaked in the entrails of backdated monetary technology under the watchful eye of a fascist regime.

Actually only ODF support would be worthy of mention. What if I put it under te CC and I can't open it up on non-MS christened readers.

MS is getting into robots now. What happens when they lock customers into the robots eyeballs for reading stuff. Of course after the robots slaughter everyone it would be because they weren't part of the isolated standard, and money because they need to 'feed their families' too, of course.

More ignoble.

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