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Linux "Over the years, I've had a number of people asking me what I believe the problem was with further migration over to Linux by the public at large. To be frank, I don't believe that there is a simple answer to this. To me, there are a number of factors that play a role in keeping Linux out of the mainstream limelight" writes Matt Hartley in his opinion piece.
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RE[4]: In terms of math
by Simba on Sat 1st Jul 2006 12:50 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: In terms of math"
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> last time i did a nvidia install it was a case of having the kernel
> headers available (most desktop distros have that as a default
> these days just in case) and edit maybe one line in the config
> file (or replace the open source 2D nvidia driver with the
> proprietary one).

And you honestly think this is acceptable to the average end user? Hint: They will panic as soon as they see the words "kernel headers".

Again, it's the "It's good enough. And lazy users are the real problem" argument. No. It is NOT good enough for end users. And it needs to be fixed.

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RE[5]: In terms of math
by hobgoblin on Sat 1st Jul 2006 13:24 in reply to "RE[4]: In terms of math"
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oh how lazy we have become...

like i stated in that () up there. most desktop aimed distros will put a the kernel headers into place as default, so the user dont have to know about it...

or maybe im just spoiled tanks a distros ability to grab the nvidia drivers, the kernel headers and then some the moment i tell it to upgrade said drivers ;)

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