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Microsoft Microsoft plans to issue patches for 'critical' Windows and Office security problems as part of a regular update scheduled for Tuesday. The software company said in an advisory Thursday that it will issue four bulletins for Windows flaws and three for Office. At least one Windows and one Office problem are deemed 'critical', Microsoft's highest-risk category for security vulnerabilities, according to the advisory.
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Me too!
by aGNUstic on Fri 7th Jul 2006 16:55 UTC
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I'm glad I'm past that too.

A non proprietary OS gives me more time to do `real` work in systems.

Constant patching is a curse for IT professionals since it takes away from `real` work.

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RE: Me too!
by Bending Unit on Fri 7th Jul 2006 18:51 in reply to "Me too!"
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And as we all know, open source software doesn't need any patching nor updates.

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RE[2]: Me too!
by aGNUstic on Fri 7th Jul 2006 21:27 in reply to "RE: Me too!"
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If you compare and contrast the time spent on proprietary vs. non-proprietary, well, having been in the industry for some time, the time required to download, even automated, and install requires a huge investment in time.

Nothing like having a staff member or faculty say, `Where's my files?` after an automated patch or upgrade.

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RE[2]: Me too!
by bornagainenguin on Sat 8th Jul 2006 03:06 in reply to "RE: Me too!"
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Sure open source software needs patches; but how often do you install a patch for open sourced programs in order to get less functionality out of your computer?


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