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SuSE, openSUSE Since yesterday, .iso downloads for SUSE Enterprise Linux Desktop/Server 10 have been available from Novell's download page. After seeking confirmation from Novell's Nat Friedman, we can confirm these are indeed the final releases. SLED 10 is available for x86 and x86-64, while SLES 10 can be obtained for x86, AMD64/EM64T, PPC, IBM Power, Itanium, and IBM's zSeries. According to Friedman, a "big marketing blitz" will happen today. OSNews reviewed the RC3 release of SLED 10 in two stages not too long ago.
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RE: looks good
by macisaac on Mon 17th Jul 2006 13:23 UTC in reply to "looks good"
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that's a little silly of you ;-) if you use a deb based system, you do realize that the only real difference between them is that rpms use cpio, whereas debs use ar. what people generally confuse are the delivery mechanism, such as yum or apt for the packaging format. that's different.

(if you ever want to see the innards of an rpm, just do an rpm2cpio foo.rpm | cpio -id and take a look. also, do the same with an srpm and see how they're built.)

that said, rpms are incredibly useful for the things you can do with them. things like the --query options are incredibly useful, as are verification checks with the -V option. nice stuff really.

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