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Oracle and SUN "After suffering through version 1.0 many years ago, I thought Xandros would be the least likely of the commercial desktop GNU/Linux distributions to succeed. Each subsequent release since 1.1 has changed my mind a little bit, and now with version 4.0 of its home desktop edition, I'm at last convinced that Xandros is positioned for success. This should be the desktop operating system that you recommend to your Windows-hating friends and family."
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Hardware and apps
by seakryan on Tue 18th Jul 2006 17:57 UTC
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Some good points made about applications and hardware. One point I would like to make about hardware compatibility... Blame should be more focused toward the hardware manufacturer not Linux. The manufacturer is responsible for releasing a driver. They do for Windows and some do for Mac. This is improving, but there is a long way to go.

When more people start to use Linux then commercial software developers will begin to write apps for Linux. At this point there is not much $$$ in it for them.

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RE: Hardware and apps
by walterbyrd on Wed 19th Jul 2006 04:36 in reply to "Hardware and apps"
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>>Blame should be more focused toward the hardware manufacturer not Linux<<

IMO: blame has nothing to do with it. I have a portable symbol scanner that runs windows-mobile, it will not work with linux. I don't care who's at fault, I need an OS on my PC that will work with my scanner. I have a multi-funciton printer/fax/scanner it won't work with linux, a dial-up win-modem, a special zebra UPS printer, a special bar-code printer - none of those things work with linux. I use special hardware that UPS provides, it won't work with linux. My accountant insists that I use quickbooks, or he charges me about 3X as much. I also develop with codecharge, which only works on windows.

I could go on. But, you get the idea. People need something that works. It doesn't matter who is at fault .

If I could run the same hw/sw with linux, that I can run with windows, I wouldn't even think about running windows. Linux, IMO, is a far superior OS. But, if Linux does not run the hw/sw I need to run, what good is it?

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