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Privacy, Security, Encryption "Millions of Windows users run the OS with an administrator account because Microsoft's never made it easy to do anything different. In fact, you have to work a lot harder to run with fewer rights. Microsoft will push Vista as the solution to the ever-increasing number and ingenuity of attacks. But why wait? With our five strategies, you can give Windows XP a taste of Vista's UAC protection."
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Dark Leth
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Wow, man, it's a joke. Calm down.

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Man the moderation Nazis our completely out of control on this site. It was a freakin joke guys, get over it. Probably just hurts that even though it's a joke, there is some serious truth to Leth's comment.

Mod this

Windows troubleshooting steps:

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dimosd Member since:

Man the moderation Nazis are completely out of control on this site.

+1 from me...

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Good one!

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