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Linux The LinuxThreads project originally brought multithreading to Linux, but didn't conform to POSIX threading standards. The introduction of Native POSIX Thread Library (NPTL) however, overcame many of these disadvantages. This article describes some of the differences between these two Linux threading models for developers who may need to port their applications or who simply want to understand where the differences lie.
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Solaris had MxX threading but replaced it with a 1:1 implementation (, and FreeBSD seems to be going in the same direction (

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The Sun whitepaper starts with a note "this paper does not discuss the relative merits of MxN and 1:1 threading models."

It is possible that the constraints of the Solaris design prohibit implementing a good thread model, or that the constraints of Sun's business do.

As far as I know, the FreeBSD discussion ended inconclusively, again, and really hinged on the issue of make FBSD more Linux-like and not on the choice of MxN versus 1:1.

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