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Linspire Three weeks ahead of schedule, version 1.0 of Freespire, the no-cost community version of Linspire, is now available from the project's website. You can download a completely open source version, or a version that includes various proprietary codecs and drivers for an improved out-the-box experience. Screenshots.
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RE[3]: Seems rushed...
by deanlinkous on Tue 8th Aug 2006 16:29 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Seems rushed..."
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No a BUNCH of those are linspire projects. ;) I think the problem is they like to say "heavily involved" like they have 20 developers working on nothing but that.That is one of my complaints with any company - just plain being misleading and trying to put a halo over the horns.:) Linspire should stop tooting it's own horn, making statements about how others are doing something they consider bad if they want to stop being looked at critically. You know the glass houses thingy.:)

Some of the others on there they contribute to ONLY because they want to improve it for themselves or they think they are paying for a advantage.

I have never seen a dollar amount stated for any of that support. They support the DCC alliance? It is a group of distros getting together sharing work to create a base distro. What does that have to do with much of anything? ;)

The stuff they contribute is often friviolous or redundant kind of stuff. But I do agree they do contribute some, but no reason to make it sound as if they are the contribution kings.:) Of course I guess the OSS edition could also be considered a contribution now. I wonder if that includes the installer as well as other items like artwork?hmmm...

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