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OSNews, Generic OSes OneStat today reported that Microsoft's Windows dominates the operating system market with a global usage share of 96.97 percent. The Mac appears to be at around 2.47% and Linux at 0.36%. Please note that OneStat bases its numbers on a large number of internet site hits and extraction from user agents.
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RE[3]: Hahahahahah
by bolomkxxviii on Tue 15th Aug 2006 15:22 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Hahahahahah"
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>>Do I care what the numbers say? Not one bit.<<

Then I guess you don't care about continued HW/SW support either. HW/SW makers don't care if their products don't work for 0.4% of the market.

If linux really were at 0.4% do you think it would have the HW/SW support that is available today? Obviously someone thinks it is worth doing regardless of what OneStat claims.

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RE[4]: Hahahahahah
by tomcat on Tue 15th Aug 2006 16:30 in reply to "RE[3]: Hahahahahah"
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I use Linux frequently, and the fact of the matter is that there are plenty of devices that aren't supported. One of the worst areas of support is wireless adapters. I can't tell you the number of times that I've had to hunt around for drivers, not find them, and have to try to hack together a solution -- the number of hours that I've spent is ridiculous. So, clearly, there are manufacturers that care about marketing statistics. That affects everybody.

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RE[4]: Hahahahahah
by Wrawrat on Tue 15th Aug 2006 17:29 in reply to "RE[3]: Hahahahahah"
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Support for server hardware is usually pretty good, but support for customer hardware is lacking behind. It's not really surprising, given that most companies backing Linux are interested in enterprise solutions.

That said, the slow Linux penetration in the desktop market isn't that surprising. MS-Windows, even with all its flaws, does the job. The overall penetration ought to be higher than 0.4%, though, while taking consideration of the server market.

Then again, these numbers don't matter much to me. Thanks to Linux, I have all the functionalities I need without having to spend money on CAL/licencing subscriptions or resorting to piracy.

The methodology used in this press release isn't clear. Were they counting hits or visits? If it's the latter, then what is a visit for them?

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