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SkyOS SkyOS Beta 8.5 has just been released. New features include the Indexing Service, an SQL based file attribute and content index service which makes it possible to find your files in a fraction of a second, better developer support, and a lot of bug fixes. NVU has also been ported and is available in this release. You can read the changelog here. Update: Screenshots gallery by OSDir.
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RE: What's the point?
by bornagainenguin on Mon 8th Aug 2005 08:02 UTC in reply to "What's the point?"
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Of the OS and of its development.

Those are the two things most people are intrested in most in an alternative OS and SkyOS seems to have them both in spades...

I say seems because I simply have nothing to base anything on...but it would be nice to have something that 'just works' and 'works well' but is NOT Windows.

Price is only a small part of things. Not even the main part.


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