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Opera Software "The DS Browser ends up becoming a bullet point for the Nintendo DS system's capabilities. Yes, the Nintendo DS can now surf the internet. But after the novelty wears off, you probably won't want to", Craig Harris writes in his review. Craig was very kind to send us a DS screenshot rendering the mobile version of OSNews, although the browser seems to interpret "100%" of cell width as 800px wide instead of DS' 256px native resolution. Update: Craig sent us another shot, this time using the "small screen rendering" mode, which looked much better.
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width etc...
by werpu on Sat 19th Aug 2006 08:53 UTC
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>Which I still say fixed width is just bad site design. >Remove the width= on the table and the second column, >and make the site actually USE the clients browser >window instead of crippling it on small screens, and >making it a crappy little stripe down the middle of the >screen on larger ones.

Fixed width is bad, but the main problem of not having fixed width is, that lots of webdesigns are done by graphics people and they usually are used to doing print layouts, so things like that happen, often you
want to have one column fixed the other resizable, you need a fixed width attribute, the proper way of doing this would be css not tables, but as long as several resizing css attributes are broken you have to do it the old way and have to face it that browsers with small screens run into problems. (have you ever tried to do a decent table free css only layout without any hacks which should also be able to resize and adjust? Good luck especially if the whole thing has to run on the IE.

Anyway back to topic, the loading time looks severely like everything is routed through a big firewall of nintendo, as the article notices, opera for mobile devices is not that slow, there must be something else fishy going on. Now given the fact that Nintendo tries to be "family friendly" they probably really route everything through a proxy so that they can block content upon request, it would make sense (for them).

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RE: width etc...
by anonymousbrowser on Sat 19th Aug 2006 10:17 in reply to "width etc..."
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it may just be that the DS is trying to handle the full version of the website whereas opera mini is fed through opera's converter to sanitise it for use on small screens, the DS has a lot more work to do, first rendering and then scaling full web pages, and not much memory with which to do it

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