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Windows Microsoft is breathing more life into older versions of its products by offering businesses extended coverage for fixing security problems and bugs. Large companies running old favorites Windows NT 4.0, Exchange Server 5.5 and Windows XP Service Pack 1 can expect at least three more years of support from Microsoft after it decided to update the Custom Support Agreement program. There is even the suggestion support will go beyond three years.
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RE[2]: NT4 SP5 was MSFT's best OS
by rcsteiner on Wed 30th Aug 2006 16:39 UTC in reply to "RE: NT4 SP5 was MSFT's best OS"
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NT was a good break away from DOS limitations, and it moved to a much better core architecture, but it was a bad break away from DOS in terms of API support.

NT's VDMs are a joke. Microsoft could have done a much better job -- I would have paid double the price for a version of Windows NT that had OS/2-style VDMs.

As it is, I simply used OS/2 instead of NT. I had to in order for my DOS stuff to work properly...

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