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NetBSD Charles Hannum, co-founder of NetBSD posted to 3 major BSD lists saying that "The NetBSD Project has stagnated to the point of irrelevance. It has gotten to the point that being associated with the project is often more of a liability than an asset. I will attempt to explain how this happened, what the current state of affairs is, and what needs to be done to attempt to fix the situation."
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Torvalds is warm hearted and good natured

Do you know him personally or do you just know the hype? ;-)

I don't have his cell phone number, but we've met.

BSD projects tend to be faceless to outsiders and exclusive in appearance

If you count on GNU/Linux because of a good natured Linus, try this ... *BSD are honest operating systems, no hype, just what you see is what you get :o)

I don't "count on" GNU/Linux. I also don't include GNU under Linux's success. If anything, the FSF is more off-putting and exclusive than the BSD core teams, which is a significant part of the reason why the hurd has been such a long-term failure.

There is nothing exclusive in *BSD, but out there in Linux world, there are many urban legends about *BSD.

I speak from 23 years of involvement in the *BSD world, not from urban legends. The exclusivity is definitely present. It is part of what led to Theo's untimely demise, it was very visible in the original split of free bsd. It is apparent in Matt Dillon's interactions with the FreeBSD core team. It is apparent from the concept of 'core'.

I do not judge this. There are strengths in such a system. Popularity is not one of them, however.

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