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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris Improvements: "New 3D desktop support (both with AIGLX and Xgl) and a new tool to configure it (drak3d); new 'One' CD with 3D desktop support (AIGLX and Xgl, both on KDE and GNOME, autodetection of the best 3D solution); new rpmdrake; more applications migrated to XDG menus; GNOME 2.16 RC1; kernel 2.6.17 (based on with ALSA 1.0.12 rc2); KDE 3.5.4; new 'Ia Ora' Mandriva theme (still only included in GNOME); new VPN configuration tool (drakvpn); new firewall." Get it from the mirrors.
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RE: Mandriva is still alive ?
by opkool on Fri 1st Sep 2006 16:22 UTC in reply to "Mandriva is still alive ?"
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I like 1 release a year. It's waaaay easier to be able to work with Linux vs just keep installing Linux

I believe Mandriva did a poll among it's paying customers, and most of us (I'm a paying customer) wanted a 1-year release cycle.

For latest-version addicted users[*] there's always cooker, which is a lot of fun

[*] I was one of those before ;)


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Mathman Member since:

Yeah, isn't it odd how on the one hand the guy complains that 10.x wasn't stable enough, but then turns around and complains about their improved release cycle.

I suppose I'd agree about 10.x not being the greatest Mandrake releases to come down the pipe, but I've been on 2006 since it pretty much came out and it's been one of the most rock solid distros I've ever used. And after trying out the 2007 beta for a bit, it looks like 2007 is going to be just as good. Now if I could only get them to change the name back to Mandrake.

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davidiwharper Member since:

Now if I could only get them to change the name back to Mandrake.

They can't. The Hearst Corporation would reopen their Mandrake the Magician lawsuit. See for the settlement announcement and for background.

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