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Amiga & AROS The Amiga changed the computer industry. It was based on a multitasking operating system, rivaled the graphics power of some workstations and was affordable enough for home users. Unfortunately, Commodore struggled to maintain Amiga's lead, and through a number of bizarre business decisions (refusing to license the Amiga design to Sun), went bankrupt. Read about the history of the Commodore Amiga at Low End Mac.
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About the review
by Raffaele on Sun 3rd Sep 2006 21:33 UTC
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Well, I forgot to mention that the article on Apple site online review was incomplete as usual, as written by people who based all the news from Wikipedia..

It completely lacks of history of AGA (1200 and 4000 machines)

It lacks of any infos about 32 bit BUS system of Amiga, first than any PC BUS counterpart, and the relative abundance of 16bit audio cards an 24 bit graphic cards for Amiga only, believing that these cards were only available on PC machines wirh their ISA, VESA or PCI BUS.

It also stated erroneously that "Amiga" is PORTUGUESE language...

Well, sure honestly Amiga is also pronunced as is in Portugal and Brazil...

But sure Amiga computer was born in California, an USA state which originally was a former Spanish colony, and still is confining with Mexico that is an american-latin "spanish" country.

And USA southern states (California, Florida, Texas, etc.) are full of spanish native spokers people.

Sure the author of the article needs to study better the history, history of computer, Amiga history and in the end also human geography.

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