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Benchmarks "Oh sure, the following tests aren't as scientific as putting all the browsers in a ring and seeing which one is left standing after the fight, but it's close." More here.
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useless benchmark
by Luke McCarthy on Fri 8th Sep 2006 13:19 UTC
Luke McCarthy
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It's just a bunch of text in one font. What about images, complex layouts, CSS, javascript, HTTP performance (pipelining and multiple connections)? Surely that is more important these days.

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RE: useless benchmark
by RandomGuy on Fri 8th Sep 2006 13:36 in reply to "useless benchmark"
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You hit the nail right on the head!
I would like to add that all sorts of benchmark are somewhat useless unless the browsers' performance would vary by an order of magnitude.

The order in which the page gets rendered is far more important than the rendering speed.
A browser might be fast as hell but if he puts an image in a place where a link was before so that I keep clicking on images instead of links, well, this pretty much renders the fastest browser useless.

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