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Linux You must remember the period where various electronic devices, from phones to radios, were available in transparent cases. You may have found them utterly cool. Yet the simple fact that you can't find these things on the shelves anymore (except for do-it-yourself PC cases) means the crowd doesn't find them nearly that cool. While you may not see the link yet, this is exactly why the Linux desktop will never be popular.
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RE: nice
by Meanwhile on Tue 12th Sep 2006 17:05 UTC in reply to "nice"
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"So our goal now is to turn Joe Clueless into Joe Geek and then he will naturally adopt linux because his brain will be rewired to enjoy the geeky side of life...."

I think turning Joe Clueless into Masochist Joe puts it better...

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RE[2]: nice
by deanlinkous on Tue 12th Sep 2006 17:19 in reply to "RE: nice"
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for some things, in some cases, with certain hardware, you are right...

I think somewhat advanced users are the ones with the greatest problems using linux. Those that use the computer and software to do somewhat advanced things yet do not know enough to get their hands dirty to make something work.

Clueless user that just wants to browse would likely be well served with linux. I personally am well served by linux. My sister-in-law who knows how to click the 'auto movie maker' button and has software that pops up and walks here thru getting the pics from her camera and auto adjusting everything and burning to a VCD, yet would freak out at the thought of having to edit a text file, or be lost at a dependency issue, or have no clue what version something is on her computer - well she would probably not be served by linux very well. She likes the all in one, player, ripper, adjuster, burner, fixer, do hicky thingy. She has no undertanding of saving a file in one format, coverting it to another to and opening it in something else and so forth. If she cannot click on it and the correct application pop up for what she wants to do then she is lost.

So who knows....wait and see I guess.

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