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Red Hat Red Hat's announcement that it is adding network and system monitoring to Red Hat Network isn't that much of a surprise. More unexpected is Red Hat's decision to support Solaris with it. In other news, the Fedora Foundation has been delayed.
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More foot dragging
by sbergman27 on Wed 10th Aug 2005 13:56 UTC
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I adore Fedora. It is my favorite distro. I have huge respect for Red Hat. They have gone well beyond any legal requirements to be a good citizen of the open-source comunity. BUT... this foot dragging is getting tiresome. When it comes to matters involving RHEL, the company can turn on a dime, move with lightning speed, and would probably qualify for an Olympic medal if they awarded them to companies.

But in matters concerning Fedora... well, if a company could legally qualify as being physically handicapped, Redhat would be a shoe-in. Delays... excuses... appologies... followed by more delays. There was more employee time devoted to appologizing for taking years to set up the CVS server (and not having it done yet) than most people would spend actually setting up a CVS server. You can bet that if a foundation needed to be set up to further RHEL's goals, it would have been done with expedition.

Look, RedHat. If you are going to set Fedora free, just freaking do it. And if you are not, just fess up and say you are not, and that you prefer to keep control over it, which is what you really want to do anyway so that it will serve RHEL's needs better. Make up your mind and act decisively, please.

Not doing so just makes you look a bit sleazy. And Red Hat, Inc. has higher standards than that, right?

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