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PC-BSD "iXsystems, an enterprise-class hardware solution provider, announced today its acquisition of PC-BSD, a rock solid UNIX operating system based on FreeBSD. PC-BSD is a fully functional desktop operating system running FreeBSD version 6, with a KDE desktop interface and graphical system installer. Its PBI system, developed exclusively for PC-BSD, lets users download and install their applications in a self-extracting and installing format. iXsystems' acquisition of PC-BSD will provide funding to the PC-BSD project to increase distribution of PC-BSD and develop future versions of PC-BSD. Development is currently underway for a version of PC-BSD that will allow for easy installation and operation on servers, workstations, and laptops."
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Change is in the american world associated with something potentially good. In the European world it's mostly associated with something possibly bad.

Yeah, that must be why more and more countries are being let into the EU, Europeans are waking up to the fact that gays aren't Satanic, and in America you still have Amish and old-style Bible-bashers. Because Europe=change bad, Americans=Change good. If you actually knew anything about Europe you'd realise most of us are shocked at how fearful Americans are of change.

(I have nothing against the Amish - but that doesn't mean they're the most modern people in the world. If nothing else they deserve respect for being able to hold on to their way of life for as long as they have.)

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As a Dane I'm with you.

It's very common in people to be somewhat reluctant to meet changes. However, this does not equal being fearful of changes - just reluctant. And it's because the consequenses are unknown. People don't like that.

twenex' post do not deserve to be modded down.

Personally I like changes sometimes and dislike them other times. Depends on the changes.

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I, as an American, concur...

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