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Internet Explorer Microsoft has confirmed that IE7 will be released as an optional download later this month. The long-awaited next version of Microsoft's browser software will be pushed out as an automatic update a "few weeks" later, probably as part of Microsoft's regular Patch Tuesday update cycle in either November or December. Firms not ready to install IE7 will be able to temporarily block the update.
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RE[2]: A lot of MS news lately?
by hal2k1 on Wed 11th Oct 2006 04:19 UTC in reply to "RE: A lot of MS news lately?"
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"A lot of MS related news lately?

Based on usage, it should be 97% MS for desktop items and 43% for server items.

Linux should be .4 and 12%."

Sorry, but your figures are based on SALES.

Not a lot of Linux software is sold, mostly the model for Linux buisnesses is to sell support for the software.

Hence, your figures have absolutely nothing to do with "based on usage" as you claim they do.

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cyclops Member since:

SALES or not Microsofts OS's is a lot more popular than any other OS.

Should OS news apply a percentage of news on usage!? Of course not. OS News should report on OS *NEWS*. Microsoft has been doing an awful lot just lately, major patch,IE7, Vista beta's. So should get a time slice.

The only thing that does get irritating is when beta X gets released we do get a splurge of, reviewer thinks X is great/rubbish. Followed by rehashed arguments from the previous days review on beta X, rather than them all being bundled together.

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Sorry, but your figures are based on SALES.

The .4% is based on usage of the internet. Unless you plan to argue that only a small percentage of Linux users surf the web ... then I'll laugh at you some more.

The 12% is based on sales of server hardware and the OS the customer intends to run on it.

Both numbers are more accurate than your method of picking a number out of hat. More importantly, those are the number that business use to make decisions where to invest money.

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