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Databases After 2 years in development, the Firebird Project today officially releases the much-anticipated version 2.0 of its open source Firebird relational database software during the opening session of the fourth international Firebird Conference in Prague, Czech Republic.
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RE[2]: Fire-
by Constantine XVI on Mon 13th Nov 2006 13:49 UTC in reply to "RE: Fire-"
Constantine XVI
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The issue there is that Phoenix (the BIOS people) don't want to be associated with Phoenix (the browser), since they are in somewhat close markets. Phoenix would probably send a mildly volatile cake to the Mozilla team if they got pelted with calls for support for Mozilla Phoenix.

Also, under trademark law, you have to defend your trademark or cede control of it. See Debian IceWeasel.

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RE[3]: Fire-
by Kancept on Mon 13th Nov 2006 17:49 in reply to "RE[2]: Fire-"
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Actually, that's part of it. The big reason they thought it'd get confused was they had a browser embedded in the BIOS they were testing at that point, thereby making them in the same "market" and had to defend it. Phoenix the BIOS manufacturer had a pretty cool embedded thing going. Since it wasn't exactly publicized, I doubt any of the FF crew knew about it when choosing their name.

It was nice that, for a change, there wasn't much ruckus about the whole "it's my name" deal.

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