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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Mark Shuttleworth is trying to entice OpenSUSE developers to join Ubuntu. "Novell's decision to go to great lengths to circumvent the patent framework clearly articulated in the GPL has sent shockwaves through the community. If you are an OpenSUSE developer who is concerned about the long term consequences of this pact, you may be interested in some of the events happening next week as part of the Ubuntu Open Week."
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Screw Ubuntu
by Lengsel on Sat 25th Nov 2006 07:14 UTC
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I really hope the OpenSUSE developers issue a public letter to Shuttleworth to politely say "screw you, and screw Ubuntu". I really feel Novell will keep the OpenSUSE developers as one of their first priorities, given the SLES contracts for governments, hospitals, businesses, and for the businesses that use SLED, I think Novell will continue to give the OpenSUSE developers whatever they need, since their work, their developments have helped Novell acquire a wider range of a customer base. Also since Ubuntu has made the SLED menu available for installation, I saw a picture of Kubuntu with the new KDE menu that's going to be in 10.2, and now inviting the OpenSUSE developers over to Ubuntu? The Ubuntu people are shaping up to be leeches, since they don't seem to have anything innovative the OpenSUSE people can put into their system, they really need to be put in their place. They should really quite looking at what others are doing, and develop their own distribution that is up to enterprise/corporate quality or go hire unemployed developers and visionaries who can help raise Ubuntu up to the enterprise level, and stop taking from Novell's people. So please OpenSUSE developers, issue a joint letter giving a big royal "screw you" to Mark Shuttleworth and Ubuntu.

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