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Novell and Ximian "OrangeCrate is pleased to announce an interview with Justin Steinman, Director of Marketing for Novell. Novell has announced a major deal with Microsoft in the last few weeks that has caused some in the community to question the validity of the deal announced, and has already been characterized by Microsoft as somehow verifying that Linux violates Microsoft's intellectual property. While I disagree with that statement from Steve Ballmer, I do understand that it is only fitting to offer Novell the chance to speak directly to the questions we all want addressed."
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So in other words
by SlackerJack on Mon 4th Dec 2006 21:19 UTC
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It's like what SCO did, frightened Linux customers into thinking there OS patented so SCO would sue and linux customers would pay for protection.

Interoperability, yes lets talk about it, it's one sided, linux cannot interoperability with Microsoft software because they use there own specs. Linux uses open spec so why would Microsoft want "Interoperability" with Linux?

I smell something bad and it's from Novell's way now as well.

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