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Features, Office " 2.1 is recommend for all users, as it represents a significant improvement over all previous versions. Among other things: multiple monitor support for Impress; improved Calc HTML export; enhanced Access support for Base; even more languages; automatic notification of updates."
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RE[6]: As RPMs
by cyclops on Wed 13th Dec 2006 09:00 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: As RPMs"
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"But isn't that the point? That they can do it for Windows and OSX, but not for Linux? It suggests a deficiency in Linux standardization :/"

Its not a "deficiency in Linux" its simply an major advantage of Windows XP. In reality its a trade-off.

Windows is a "static" platform.
One way of doing things "The Microsoft Way"
Rare updates
No Choice of kernel/shell/Wigets/Desktop/API's etc etc.
Backward compatible.

Linux "dynamic platform.
Many alternatives of doing things
Regular updates
Pick and choose suitable components.
Limited backward compatibility.

The reality is Windows XP is simply the best environment, for deploying a *binary* applications across millions of machines, but the price of this is incredibly high. Microsoft talk "innovation" but little happens. It took almost 6 years between versions, and offers marginal improvements, developed by 70,000 employees. They have to live with bad design choices for years. They struggle to get people to *choose* to move to the next version. Its a security maintenance nightmare. It uses *old* technology, and even its latest offering Vista looks too little too late.

Now I haven't compared Linux vs Vista, or a Package Manager to a Single installer. Or even discussed freedesktops standardization of the desktop

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