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RISC OS "Gosh! I didn't realize how much discussion my original article would create. A lot of people seemed to accuse me of living in cloud cuckoo land, whereas a lot more agreed with me. I think those who disagreed have either never used RISC OS or just liked a good rant! In either case, I feel compelled to write a short follow up article clarifying some of the points I made in the original article - all of which were perfectly valid." Read the follow up article.
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RISCOS deserves some respect
by DirtyHarry on Thu 14th Dec 2006 12:02 UTC
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I too have the feeling that the RISCOS days are over. I left the platform more than 10 years ago, and nothing much has changed in the mean time.

But, I do think that RISCOS deserves some credit. At the time of the introduction of the A5000 machine the hardware and it's OS were way, way ahead of the competition. It blew everything away concercing PC's, Amiga's and (at that time dying) Atari.

The menu structure, the menu bar (RISCOS was the first OS with a menu bar), the multi tasking capabilities,...

So please let's show some respect for a real classic OS.. :-)

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I don't think many people would disagree with you. RISC OS is indeed a fine OS, even now.

However the author of these articles has done little to aid the cause of his preferred OS. Quite the reverse in fact.

The article written by John H (sorry I forget his exact name), was a far more well-reasoned article that did deserve to be aired: whether or not you agreed with him, he made his points clearly, honestly (it seemed to me), and without vitriol.

Bottom line: if an OS (any OS) works for you, fine. If not, don't stress out so much. Use another one. Life really needn't be that complicated.

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