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OSNews, Generic OSes eWeek's Peter Coffee has compiled his idea of the 25 killer applications of all time. "Microsoft's Vista has widely inspired the 'Why do I need that?' question, which past 'killer applications' have answered in different ways for different platforms during three decades of personal computing."
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RE: Netscape?? Instead of...
by zztaz on Sat 16th Dec 2006 21:05 UTC in reply to "Netscape?? Instead of..."
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I don't know anyone who made a purchase so that they could run Mosaic. The article isn't about important applications, or innovations, or leading applications.

It's about killer apps, which is phrase that was coined to describe an application that would cause someone to buy a computer. An application that required a given platform, killing any other platform from consideration.

Games are killer apps for Windows. You can edit documents, browse the web, or send email with a Mac, Linux, or Windows. But if you want that particular game, then you need Windows. That game is a killer app; if you buy that game you will also buy Windows. You may prefer a Mac for everything else, but if you bought a Windows system instead of a Mac just so that you could play a game, the game is a killer app.

The killer app game isn't better than other games. What makes it a killer app is that you want it enough to let it determine which OS, which graphics card, which Internet access you choose.

Gaming consoles live and die by killer apps. People do not buy consoles because they have better technology, they buy the console that has the games that they want.

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RE[2]: Netscape?? Instead of...
by CowMan on Sun 17th Dec 2006 15:38 in reply to "RE: Netscape?? Instead of..."
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Mosaic struck me to, but you're right, it's one that drove innovation rather than had people clammering to get it running.
However, I literally know of no one who went seeking Internet Explorer - how that one figured in there, I don't know. By the same tokem, Firefox runs on most/all platforms, and is fairly lightweight, can't see many people upgrading hardware for it.

Good call on AutoCAD though, it's why I keep windows around lol

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