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General Development JavaScript is often ridiculed as the black sheep of programming languages. Nearly every Web developer has cursed JavaScript at one time or another. Until recently, many developers had all but written off JavaScript as a necessary evil at best or a toy at worst. But JavaScript is becoming increasingly important. See why it remains the most broadly available scripting language for Web development and a better choice for developing modern applications.
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by robinh on Tue 19th Dec 2006 19:54 UTC
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Once you get past the irritation of the "uneven" platforms for javascript (browsers), the language itself is fascinating to work with. A really good example of how just how different javascript programs can 'look' is the protoype library [] (bad name IMO, name clash is not helpful!), where each 'class' or 'function' is only a few lines of code, but the thing as a whole is very tightly interwoven, from whence it becomes so powerful.
I've seen interesting discussions regarding IE with CSS and Javascript, where it was pointed out that although IE7 improved the CSS, the javscript implementation was left virtually unchanged. Firefox is up to about Javscript 1.7 now, and IE is well behind.

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RE: Yes!
by eggs on Tue 19th Dec 2006 21:34 in reply to "Yes!"
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Well something changed because I have this horrendous authentication gateway leading to a 3rd party (out of box) solution where it loads the interior page in an iFrame and uses java script to fetch a 1x1 transparent gif every 8 minutes to keep the session alive. Works fine in FF, Opera, Safari, and IE6... but it refreshes the whole page every second in IE7.

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