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Zeta The magnussoft ZETA 1.5 Pro is a major upgrade over the ZETA 1.21. It provides lots of new features and enhancements like SAMBA, multi-user, new device drivers etc. The product can be pre-ordered for 29 Euros and it has an expected shipping date of 2007/01/15.
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RE[2]: Not exactly the same
by sogabe on Wed 27th Dec 2006 21:09 UTC in reply to "RE: Not exactly the same"
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> Can Ubuntu play mp3 files out of the box? No.
> Can Zeta play mp3 files out of the box? Yes.

Don't go there, as it's a lost battle. There are too many things that Ubuntu can do and Zeta can't, like printing from Firefox, Flash, Java, ACPI and MS Word/Excel compatibility, just to name a few. Plus Ubuntu is free.

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