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PC-BSD PC-BSD 1.3 was released on New Year's Eve. Dru Lavigne interviewed Kris Moore, Andrei Kolu, and Charles Landemaine of the PC-BSD release engineering team regarding the new release and their involvement within the PC-BSD community.
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"I don't know if I understand you correctly. BC-PSD, because it's FreeBSD in its base, does not only support hardware that is compatible to the drivers available from the kernel, it also supports hardware that can be accessed via loadable kernel modules. I don't know if Linux kernels handle this the same way. Maybe, there are more drivers included in the Linux kernel by default? "

No i was just pointing out to that guy dragging windows in to the thread that if he should do that he atleast should do it on equeal terms. It might not produce the result he wanted but it surely would make him look more serius.

And i am aware of the posibility of loading kernel modules. I've never had to do it with any of my hardware. Even on hardware that wasnt bought with freebsd in mind.

Surely Linux can be compared with this list..."

It might i don't care about linux... I don't wanna waste my time on linux. I run freebsd on my server and one of my workstations and linux wont replace any of my freebsd installations. If i somehow should find a job where linux could do it better i'd switch but i have to do anything where linux could do it better. I might be using the same tools on my bsd's but atleast i don't run them on a overly hyped system that cant deliever what people claim.

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