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Apple "The introduction of Microsoft Windows Vista and its' many confusing and progressively expensive flavors has opened up a er, period of opportunity for Apple (formerly Apple Computer). Will Steve Jobs take a really bold chance to increase his market share or just play it safe with his little fiefdom of iPods, iTunes and forthcoming iTV?"
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just give me a mid-range tower
by rhavenn on Mon 29th Jan 2007 21:12 UTC
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Apple is doing fine. Keep the OS in-house, just expand your product line one bit. You've got everything covered, except the mid-range headless tower to fit between the Mac Mini and the Mac Pro. Basically, a Mac Mini in a mid-tower case with real SATA drives and a decent graphics card. PLEASE!!!!

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This I do have to agree with also if they could get some notebooks around the $999.99CND range that would go a long way to help as the hardest thing for most people considering the mac is the extra $250.00 for an Apple Vs their PC rivals. Granted the Mac's come with more software but still it would help. Or maybe throw in an Ipod that would probably do it for most people ;) .

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That's the problem. you just can't expect Apple to give you the number of choices that you get in the pc world.

Apple the company may be doing fine but there is a real limit to macosx market share with the mac hardware strategy. As a result, Microsoft will be calling the shots for the computer industry for a long time.

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This I must also disagree with whats to stop Apple from making a mid range desktop as is being requested? Also as for Microsoft calling the shots for a long time I think it is shorter then most people think. I don't expect them to go out of business or anything crazy like that but I do expect they will keep losing market to Linux and OSX and this is its self will keep them from calling the shots as Firefox has done on the browser side. You dont need 51% market share to scare MS into do the right things.

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