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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu My search for "the perfect Linux operating system" this time brings me to the latest incarnation of Ubuntu, version 5.04, also known as the "Hoary Hedgehog Release". Previously I was using Fedora Core 4, however due to some minor bugs it had, I wanted to try something different.
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Ubuntu is not for the power user, it's for the nice simple user(maybe). APT/Synaptic is really great for getting software, simple, but not all software. I don't like security holes and bug fixes back ported in Ubuntu, prefer the latest release as it is, I have a problem in Ubuntu, no other distro, using Firefox to access my ISP's web-based email site, there's a conflict so I can't even load the site. I've had this problem with every single version of Ubuntu, but no other distro, and can only get my mail through POP like Thunderbird or with Mozilla. Mozilla works fine, no problem, but Firefox can't access site. Also, Ubuntu does not include any propietary software, like Real Player and Adobe Acrobat Reader, which both Real and Helix does not work on 1 site I go to, but Real in Windows works no problem, and can't figure out how to get VLC in Ubuntu, only in Debian. Also, have had a number of problems trying to access C drive, Ubuntu is installed in D. I also don't like when you set up a root account after everything is installed and up and running, when it asks you for password to make system chages, sometimes it wants account login password, sometimes root password. Why doesn't Ubuntu demand only a sperate root password because anyone who has an account, can make a lot of system changes, but not everything. So I don't consider Ubuntu safe from non-tech users who use the machine, I prefer to have my password, and no one can access anything without my root password, so I can be confident nothing can go wrong because they can't change 1 single dot, so that nothing can go wrong with system, ergo, I have nothing to fix.

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