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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu A few weeks back Dell invited ideas from the world at large about what it should put on sale - in other words, what did the so-called 'community' want? It turned out that the 'community' wanted PCs installed with GNU/Linux. But the company has done nothing afterwards. Now, we have a staunch defence of Dell's position by Mark Shuttleworth, the proprietor of Canonical which owns the Ubuntu project.
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These numbers are not that huge!
by cromo on Tue 20th Mar 2007 22:28 UTC
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I've seen at least 5 articles that their authors have misleadingly assumed the numbers next to the propositions on Dell Idea Storm site inidcate the number of people voted. Wrong! These are _points_, NOT votes! Each vote is +10 point and the longer the idea is displayed and the higher its position, it gains some extra points! Someone should tell all these people who consider themeself profesional specialists and write these freelance articles that they are completely wrong! And it means Linux for Dell idea got about 10.000 votes, not 100.000! For me, it makes a HUGE difference and if it really was 100.000 I am sure Dell wouldn't hestitate as it does now.

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