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PC-BSD PC-BSD announced that it will deliver Opera in the next version of PC-BSD. Opera will be "one less thing you need to download after installation", as Matt Olander, CTO of iXsystems puts it, to get "a more usable system" out of your PC-BSD box.
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by merkoth on Fri 23rd Mar 2007 18:23 UTC
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An easy to use operating system, BSD-based that includes Opera by default? I must be dreaming. "*NIX not suitable for desktops" Yeah, sure ;)

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RE: Nice
by helf on Fri 23rd Mar 2007 18:24 in reply to "Nice"
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hehe, no one with a clue makes that comment anymore ;)

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RE: Nice
by TaterSalad on Fri 23rd Mar 2007 18:48 in reply to "Nice"
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I with ya. But the thing was the linux users were the ones claiming "this is the year of the linux desktop". Can't say I heard anyone put a bsd in that context. Might be because pc-bsd wasn't available when these statements were made, and pc-bsd is definintely changing the desktop paradigm.

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RE[2]: Nice
by zombie process on Sun 25th Mar 2007 17:12 in reply to "RE: Nice"
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I can't say I've ever heard any linux people say that, though. Oh, I'm sure there have been may journalists who have made that claim at some point, but mostly I see people using it as an argument against linux ever gaining traction. It's kind of like "rpm hell" or "dll hell" or "move your mouse and BSOD in XP." These are all arguments used by detractors of the various platforms, but the reality is that all of them are largely non-existent issues, and have been for years.

Other than a goofy zealot or a just-discovered-ubuntu-newbie, can you actually say you've seen a real live linux user say "this will be the YOLOtD?"

Back on subject - I think PCBSD is doing some fantastic work and I hope they keep making progress. I haven't poked at it for several months, maybe even a year, but last time I did, I was very happy with how easy things were to install and get running.

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