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Features, Office receives most of the attention among FOSS office suites, but users shouldn't forget that free software includes at least two other word processors: AbiWord, and KWord, part of the KOffice suite. From their inception, both have been playing catch-up with's Writer. But now, after several years of development, AbiWord and KWord are both reaching early maturity. How do Writer, AbiWord, and KWord compare?
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RE: My Opinion
by kiz01 on Wed 24th Aug 2005 19:16 UTC in reply to "My Opinion "
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Open Office takes too long to start

Open Office may take a while to start but it's still a lot faster than booting into Windows just to write a document ;)

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RE[2]: My Opinion
by on Wed 24th Aug 2005 19:41 in reply to "RE: My Opinion "
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Isn't this what Crossover Office was designed for?

I've used it for years, it works great.

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RE[3]: My Opinion
by Adam A on Wed 24th Aug 2005 22:27 in reply to "RE[2]: My Opinion "
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Sure thing, but dosn't it cost money?

Its easier for me just to reboot.

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